The Goldfields of Western Australia is Australia’s Wild West, a region of outback Australia that grew out of the goldrush of the late 1880’s. An area bigger than Texas, it boasts spectacular scenery and is steeped in history and heritage. Although mostly desert and sparsely populated, the area is one of the largest gold and nickel mining areas in the world, and is home to many unique and eccentric characters.


A Redcat.Media production, Desert Collectors is a documentary series that brings this area and its people to life, over 13 one-hour episodes. The show is produced and presented by Nigel Quick, a lifelong Goldfields resident, avid collector and owner of Star City Memorabilia, a Kalgoorlie memorabilia store.  Nigel is ably assisted by some of his collector mates, as they travel great distances off the beaten track to unearth the often weird and wonderful outback treasure troves accumulated by the tenacious pioneers living in one of the most remote and desolate areas in the world.


Nigel and his mates explore the diverse and unconventional motivations that inspire collectors to assemble the vast range of world-class and not so world class collections revealed in Desert Collectors. Innovative cinematography brings to life the historical value of items ranging from vintage cars, bikes and advertising through to cannons, movie memorabilia and even ceramic pigs!


Desert Collectors brings reality with a capital R back into the documentary genre. Although it is in the tradition of shows such as American Pickers and Pawn Stars, it comes from a uniquely Australian perspective, with an authenticity, sense of humour and spontaneity that is often lacking in the staged interactions and repetition that characterise many reality shows.


Nigel and the crew of Desert Collectors bring a breath of fresh air to the small screen, in a way that is natural and unpretentious as well as informative and highly entertaining.